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Darrell Knoch is an enormously successful businessman, with a compelling and inspirational story.

Born into extreme poverty, having a disfigured face, and emotionally scarred by an often absent and horribly abusive father, Darrell grew up angry with the world and suffering from extremely low self-esteem. His father often said he would never amount to anything, but somewhere deep within himself, he knew that just wasn’t true.

With encouragement from his patient and loving mother, an arsenal of self-help materials, and a tremendous drive to succeed, Darrell transformed himself into a man with unstoppable self-confidence and a healthy self-image.

Rising to great heights in the business world, Darrell Knoch took 7 companies to national and international levels Рgrossing billions of dollars in revenue!

As in all endeavors in life, Darrell sometimes met with failure, but his indomitable spirit and passion for business caused him to bounce back and go on to achieve even greater levels of succcess.

With a career spanning more than 35 years, Darrell Knoch has been an entrepreneur, investor, real estate authority, financier, author, coach, public speaker, and mentor to many.

His latest achievement is his newly released book. Mastering a Healthy Self-Image: The Guidebook for Real Happiness and Enormous Success.

This powerful and compelling story has motivated many to strive for personal and professional excellence and to realize their own goals and dreams.

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